Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aluna - the comic inspired hero

Well the release has come out and with very mixed ideas about how it is and by mixed I mean that the forums seem to have a seething hatred of her for trying to do something knew and the possibility of even a semi maybe hard carry int. I mean really, the QQ present is enormous and all the people not QQ'ing just want to shove her into a support role and be done with her and all the rest want her scrapped and made into windrunner. Personally I am liking her a lot, due to the ulti-power throw similarity to Kaldr I love being able to get kills with a careful shot like that.

Now for the actual hero herself, long ability descriptions so just a link for that I shall provide. - note that when I create this that the Hon-utilities site does not contain any guides or item builds for Aluna.

I would suggest stun - throw - deja vu - throw - throw - ulti then max throw - stun - deja vu in that order all before stats picking up ulti at 6/11/16.

The reason being is that her nuke - ulti combo loses a lot of its effectiveness the later the game goes on, while in the early levels I found it very easy to snipe a retreating enemy or just one sitting in a lane with low health for an easy kill.

Now since I play my heroes of sustainability along with damage I'm going to recommend starting with scarab 2 runes of the blight and 1 mana pot. After that go into a sustainer for early health/mana regen and ghost boots since I love noclip. After that build a Hellflower - Bloodstone - Harkons to really keep the damage up and if your game lasts to the point of getting that which would surprise me afterwards I suggest getting savage mace for the extra damage and sheepstick for some extra control.

Her Release Video: