Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awesome stuff I am doing instead of working.

Well, nobody likes to actually work right especially when its programming. So I guess I'll update this in a further attempt to waste time.

Awesome Starcraft 2 replay casted by none other than H to the usky Husky, over an hour long best of 7 ZvP. Check it out it will be worth the watch.

And of course like always here is the link of the, well can't really say day since I usually update what like twice a week on the old site, so link of the when I feel like it of music. Two different Legend of Zelda music pieces that were redone in reverse. Ikana Valley Song of Healing, yup I shouldn't have done that ARG for the win.

Due to lack of anything else to do I should probably get to work again. Going to get some coding for the pathfinding A.I. in my video game but its being a real pain and then I have to write up chapter 5 of my story.

~ The Lurker


  1. You're making your own game? That's pretty cool, I'm actually thinking of starting on something myself.

  2. Really enjoyed the starcraft vid, keep up the good posts bro! Following