Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Heroes of Newerth stuff

Well the last post was about the recent major balance changes they did, but now we also have a new hero Aluna. To my knowledge they haven't released any hard numbers or tool tips for any abilities but it does appear that her ulti is a less rng based but still similar to Blacksmith in that it augments her other abilities rather than giving her another one.

Official Upcoming Hero Thread:

Official Teaser Video:

Now the interesting thing is probably the ending since of course like the others it is perfectly staged. She clearly has her ulti effect her Power Throw ability in an attack against Pebbles all the way across the map in his well. Now my first thought about this is going back to Kaldr the Ancient Apparition hero in DotA and my love of his ulti for sniping retreating heroes all day. Now this is just my thoughts that the hero may end up acting like Kaldr since we don't know anything exactly, but Legion do seem to be getting a lot of love lately and we could really use some more Hellbourne int. Post in the comments your thoughts on how her abilities work, but be quick she is coming out hopefully tomorrow.


  1. great game, keep us posted when it comes out.

  2. Nice video, I used play HoN during the beta.

  3. idd a great game love the vid that you posted

  4. game looks good, looking forward to it