Monday, February 7, 2011

Work Update

Well I actually have some work done now, Chapter 5 is finished being typed up and saved and what not. Still needs thorough proof readings later but I can just sit down and reread the whole thing once I'm done. I started this book with the November book writing competition motivation thing and really sucked at it. Supposed to have finished some awesome long fiction in one  month and here I am just having finished chapter 5 in February. I would post the chapter along with this, but I am not terribly trusting of Google and its Intellectual Property rules.

On a less writery note and more programmer note, 2 of the only 3 things I do the last being kick ass at video games, I completely failed at making any progress in pathfinding. Surely there are some fellow programmers out there that could maybe point me in the right direction. I am doing this almost entirely in C++, a little java mixed in here and there, with the middleware Irrlicht. So any insight into how one goes about a pathfinding AI or links to guides in the comments would be appreciated.

~The Lurker

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