Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So much to catch up on.

Well the first blog will have to be about the recent mass retuning patch that happened in Heroes of Newerth, patch 2.0.14 and subsequent bug fixes (, 2.0.15). Due to the extensive nature of this patch I will just include a link to an S2 post containing the information:

Major item changes:

Alchemist bones, definitely a good one for enabling you to build up charges for those instances at which you are busy engaging the enemy and can't run off to the forest to get a creep.

Behemoth's Heart was brought much more in line with the DotA counterpart.

Some more expensive items have had their costs decreased to allow for quicker buying and less farming for hopefully more action.

The Post Haste change is interesting, the increase to move speed is ehhh but the move speed buff after teleport guarantees max move speed after teleporting.

Hero Changes:

A lot of buffs for support heroes along with movement speed increases for a bunch of heroes, the corrupted move speed buff does worry me however as giving him too much.

A ton of bug fixes for different heroes.

Demented Shaman's new spell - Unbreakable: Target allied hero is affected with Unbreakable (state) for 6 seconds. Affected hero gains 15/30/45/60 Attack Damage and if he receives fatal damage while affected by Unbreakable, he does not die and is instead restored to 150/250/350/450 health is clearly making him more like his dota equivalent however this is much stronger than shallow grave.

Legionnaire has a nice counter system on his spin which should help those of us without the luck to get many spins to at least get one once in a while, while jungling.

Magmus now has an open slot for an attack modifier since volcanic touch is no longer one, should be interesting to see what people go for, or if they do, my thoughts would be shielder breaker personally.

Ophelia judgment damage got needed normalization. Charges on command for getting creeps after a team fight late game is easier. And a buff to commanded creeps move speed so they are no longer lagging around and easily kitable.

Painful nerfing to Sand Wraith, when the only reason he has been seen so much lately was the trilane meta-game which is the problem that need be fixed not sand wraith, who people were asking for buffs for before trilaning.

Thats it for major changes with the recent patches, I have 2 more posts planned and hopefully they will be out later today or early tomorrow.

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