Monday, March 14, 2011

Some kinda late Heroes of Newerth stuff

Well as I found out yesterday night Heroes of Newerth did another patch while I was busy playing Poke'mon.

Patch Notes in full:

Well the new unicorn rampage alt-avatar has me a bit worried, as people that don't play rampage properly end up feeding badly with horrible charges. So the resulting buying/playing will be painful for a couple days.

Aluna: Got some major buffs here, her deja vu skill that was supposed to be her escape should actually be somewhat useful now with the unit walking and slow always attached instead of just after an emerald red. But more importantly she doesn't spend all her charges at once, only one at a time. Now this is going to make her even more mana dependent which could hurt her be forcing her to get more regen instead of straight damage, but allows her to use her abilities more effectively and not waste ulti charges.

Some nerfs to Myrmidon which could be useful, as his double stun combo was extremely effective.

A lot of orb effects no longer propagate to illusions and that is a major change. Geometer's bane is no longer as useful without the extra instances of attack modifiers it gives but more importantly that is a major nerf to my favorite hero sand wraith. His late game damage came from his illusions and without the attack modifiers for slows they just won't have the same damage uptime from a running enemy, and while this more refers to pubs it will be harder to trick unobservant enemies into using their CC on an illusions before porting as it won't apply a slow effect.

Other than that there has just been a bunch of optimization for how the game runs so hopefully that should make a noticeable difference in the servers especially if it is optimizing how they are sending/receiving data packets.

~ The Lurker


  1. great news i think this will bring more balance to the game

  2. how is that game been thinkin about trying it out