Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Opening cutscene(requires imagination)

Now, since my game which really needs a name, I might think of some ideas soon and put up a poll or something. Is still in its very early stages, as I am still working on core mechanics and the GUI, it is not really all that pretty right now, they are almost all still placeholder 30 second polygon jumbles. However, I still was able to finish the scripting required for the opening cut-scene. Now here is where the imagination comes into play, and remember this is medieval fantasy we are talking about here:

Fading in you see your lord, which hopefully will be player designed instead of stock, in his bed with the advisor sitting on a chair next to him. With your lord slowly waking, "My liege, finally you are awake. You have been asleep for quite some time now, I told you that you shouldn't have ventured to the south."

You sit up in your bed, staring intently at your advisor as he calls in food and drink for you. "Quickly now, you must regain your strength as the world has gone to hell while you were asleep."

Pan over dead and dying settlers in a small village "The plagues in the south-west have been growing rapidly." Change scene to a large tower locked behind walls. "The Wizards guild has shut itself in from the world." Now a picture of trade caravans "The Vaisseau trading company has completely taken over all trade." Final pan of a battlefield where two large armies are fighting, "And the wars have grown more rabid."

And finally back to the lord and advisor in the bedroom, "We are stuck in the middle of all of this and can only hide for so long before it reaches us. Something must be done, we need to secure ourselves as a part of the world. There is plenty to do my liege, the choice is yours." and fade out.

Tell me what you think, I would post a fraps of the cut-scene, but as I said still using place-holder models and I even lack music so just giving you a script of what it does and says is all I can offer.

~The Lurker


  1. I think a poll would be a good idea. I'd love to see some screenshots or something.

  2. seems kinda familiar? i think a game has a similar open scene, but would still love to see the fraps if you ever do get it.

  3. hey man, interesting vids you got on your youtube channel keep it up.

  4. @ ajattara1230, if you ever remember what you think its familiar from please tell me. I would hate to be ripping off something that has already been made.

  5. I think he should take a shower and have a coffee before leaving! lol