Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heroes of Newerth Patch 2.5.8

Well we got a special patch mid week today, containing a massive amount of balance changes and I have had a chance to play through a few games to get a good idea on my opinions of them.

Here is a full list, be warned it is long:

Version 2.5.8
- Free Hero Pool will be updated on Friday the 27th. The list is as follows:
* Valkyrie
* Sand Wraith
* Shadowblade
* Master of Arms
* Soulstealer

* Defiler
* Pollywog Priest
* Thunderbringer
* Plague Rider
* Hellbringer

* Armadon
* Drunken Master
* Keeper Of the Forest
* Pebbles
* Accursed

- In celebration of the Lunar New Year we will be adding special limited edition Pharaoh Alt Avatar - Golden Emperor!
* He will only be available from 12:00 AM EST 1/27/2012 through 8:00 02/03/2012!
- Also in celebration of the Year of the Dragon you will find a new Year of the Dragon Icon available for purchase!

- Fixed an issue causing some users in large clans to suffer periodic hitches.
- Creeps sounds tweaked and generally lowered in volume
- host_timescale gets reset when disconnecting from a practice game
- You can no longer spectate or mentor someone who is already spectating or mentoring

- Gold received for getting the last hit on Kongor normalized from 300-400 to 350

- Gold received for getting the last hit on Towers normalized from 452-470,502-520,552-570,602-620 to 460,510,560,610

Structure Gold (Meatball/Huts)
- Gold received for getting the last hit on a Structure normalized from 102-120 to 110

== Items ==

Abyssal Skull
- Minor tooltip fix

Charged Hammer
- Fixed a wonky effect

- Fixed death animation so it sinks in the ground correctly

Daemonic Breastplate
- Scaled the effects under player's feet better

- Recipe cost reduced from 700 to 600

- Slow no longer goes through Magic Immunity

Helm of the Black Legion
- Now charge based. 20 charges max, loses 5 per Hero, Tower, or Boss attack and 1 per creep attack
- Gains a charge every 400 MS
- Won't block unless there are enough charges

- Fixed a wonky effect

Ring of Sorcery
- Increased manacost from 25 to 40

Savage Mace
- No longer stacks with itself

- Increased recipe cost from 900 to 1000
- Removed Deflection pierce

Sol's Bulwark
- Armor auras lowered from +/- 5 to +/- 4

- Now lasts 2 seconds, after landing the target is Perplexed (Can't use items) for another 0.5 second

== Heroes ==

- Base Attack cooldown lowered from 1700 to 1550
- Increased starting Intelligence from 21 to 22

- Increased starting Strength from 17 to 18
- Increased starting Agility from 22 to 23

Corrupted Disciple
- Corrupted Conduit Mana cost from 20/30/40/50 to 50

- Starting Agility from 14 to 16
- Base Armor from 0.96 to 1.74 (After Agility)
- Grave Silence radius from 200/275/350/350 to 250/300/350/350
- Fixed interaction of Unholy Expulsion with Geometer's Bane

- Devour unbinds the target on impact (prevents Valkyrie's Courageous Leap cancels for instance)

- Can no longer use Energy Shield with less than 5 mana
- Energy Absorption no longer has the first target mechanic (you no longer get 5 charges for 1 hero or 3 for a creep on first hit)

- Spider Mines trigger(chasing) radius from 200 to 250

- Can now target allies with Magnetic Surge
- Magnetic Surge is now Physical
- Can now change between the Push or Pull without a hitch if you are running

Forsaken Archer
- Fixed interaction between Geometer's Bane & Call of the Damned

- Death sound touched up

- Fixed Twin Fangs playing through fog
- Fire and Ice now gain 80/90/100% of stats from Gemini
- The wolves from Fire and Ice now have their movespeed set to Gemini's
- Fixed a rare anomaly where Gemini would go in a random direction when recombining from split form
- Fixed Gemini's split form Fire Fang & Ice Fang so they get stunned properly while bound to the projectile
- Removed invulnerability from Fire Fang and Ice Fang while bound to the projectile
- Fixed Fire and Ice assist mechanic to function properly

- Dig no longer usable while Immobilized
- Can use Items while in Dig
- Crystal Field decreased time till explosion from 3 to 3/2.75/2.5

- Increased Movespeed from 295 to 300
- Increased Intelligence gain from 1.3 to 1.6 per level

- Protective Charm and Sol's Blessing no longer gives assists

- Strength gain lowered from 3.0 to 2.8 per level
- Release the Kraken damage per second lowered from 40/50/70 to 40/50/60

Lord Salforis
- Cast Time of Life Tap removed

- Starting Strength from 18 to 16
- Flash cast range from 1000/1075/1150/1150 to 850/950/1050/1150

- Lava Surge no longer usable while Immobilized

- Sacrificial Lamb reworked. Now gives allies increased movespeed and attack speed based on how low Martyr is
* 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 Movespeed per 1% missing and 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 attack speed per 1% missing. Radius of 500

- Lion’s Pride and Golden Salvo cooldowns swapped
* Lion’s Pride is now 18 starting and Golden Salvo is 13
- Lion’s Pride heal reduced from 75/120/165/210 to 30/60/90/120

- Starting Armor reduced from 2.1 to 1.1
- Starting Movespeed from 300 to 295
- Crippling Pollen reduced cast range from 600 to 550
* This is listed as 500 in the in-game client. It should be 550.
- Fixed the last second of Crippling Pollen so that the slow doesn't go through magic immunity

Moon Queen
- Increased attack range from 330 to 350
- Lunar Glow increased from 6/13/20/27 to 7/14/21/28

- Face Smash unbinds the target on impact (prevents Valkyrie's Courageous Leap cancels for instance)

- Made his Wall of Mummies suck in enemy player-controlled non-hero units

- Venomous Leap cooldown from 20/17/14/11 to 16/14/12/10

Puppet Master
- Base Damage from 40-51 to 46-55

- Essence Shroud cooldown from 30 to 25
- Essence Shroud duration from 10/15/20/25 to 12/15/18/21

Soul Reaper
- Increased starting armor from 1.10 to 1.75
- Judgment manacost reduced from 125/145/165/185 to 120/140/160/180
- Withering Presence radius increased from 700/800/900/1000 to 800/900/1000/1100

- Smitten reworked. Now decreases all damage dealt from the target by 10/20/30/40%, 15 second duration
- Succubus' Hold unbinds the target on use (prevents Valkyrie's Courageous Leap cancels for instance)

- Starting Armor reduced from 4.92 to 3.92
- Terrorform manacost from 110 to 150/140/130/120

- Cyclones heal reduced from 30 to 25
- Fixed interaction between Geometer's Bane & Cyclones
- Typhoon no longer gives an extra tornado (from 7/9/11 to 6/8/10)
- Typhoon no longer gives Zephyr a tornado unless he stays in it's radius

== Bugfixes ==

Aluna: Fixed Deja Vu's 3rd activation from playing through fog
Arachna: Scripting optimized
Artesia: Made her Arcane Missile slow transferable via Parasite
Balphagore: Optimized Corpse Conversion corpse detection slightly
Behemoth: Fixed Fissure so you can't tab to the invisible gadgets
Bombardier: Scripting optimized
Bubbles: Shell Surf now spawns 50 units closer to him so it hits units right in front of him
Bubbles: Fixed Kelp Field from playing in fog
Chipper: Rockets Barrage touch changed from Physical to Magic
Chipper: Scripting optimized
Corrupted Disciple: Scripting optimized
The Dark Lady: Touched up a few animations
Devourer: Made Devour give assists properly if it did no damage
Drunken Master: Scripting optimized
Empath: Fixed As One from playing in fog
Engineer: Scripting optimized
Gravekeeper: Minor fix to Illusions
Kraken: Fixed a bug where the target's corpse stands up after death if they died while bound to Tsunami Charge
Lord Salforis: Fixed Life Tap playing through fog
Martyr: Fixed up the Alt Avatar's sounds when casting abilities
Master of Arms: Shrunk blue attack projectile effects slightly on towers
Parasite: Fixed up some weird interactions when he is inside a creep
Parasite: Fixed him so he is correctly disarmed when inside a creep
Pyromancer: Burning! now capped at 127 charges
Rhapsody: Fixed up her model and the weird animations going on
Scout: Fixed Detonate ability (for both Scout & Electric Eyes) so they can be used while stunned as well
Shadowblade: Soul's Sight bonus damage no longer propogates to Illusions
Succubus: Made Succubus' Hold give assists properly if it did no damage
Torturer: Minor fix to Torment's interaction when multiple items used on him at once
Wretched Hag: Animation smoothing on Wretched Hottie
Zephyr: Scripting optimized

In the way of items there were only a few major things, first was the change to Helm of the Black Legion, which was in my view entirely necessary as it was becoming a go to item for way too many heroes. The other was a nerf to Sol's Bulwark, I am more on the fence of this one as Sol's was meant to be a stepping stone to Daemonic however some players were getting one of both negative and positive. I guess I would have to agree on that notion although it is more of a "fix unintended consequence" sort of thing I believe.

There was a huge number of hero changes and I will only touch on those that I think are most important here. First the change to Flux's magnetic surge, which was accidentally temporarily in game a few patches ago but was hot fixed out, is definitely a great buff allowing you to pull unobservant allies out of things like Valkyrie's arrows. Geomancer received some much needed love for his ulti, which late game when all enemies had high movespeed was very trying to land. Gemini got his first change, in what I believe will be a long line of changes to come, with his ultimate form wolves not getting automatic ghost marcher move speed so he actually needs to get boots. Lord Salforis got the cast time removed on life tap which makes it much better for use on non-slowed targets early game for kills. Martyr's new Sacrificial Lamb is very interesting, I have only got to play with one Martyr since the patch, but it definitely cements his character concept of playing with low health and is incredibly strong maybe too strong. Monarch received a series of nerfs, she was indeed strong and needed some toning down, but I am fairly sure they took it too far, all she needed was the removal of sight and the decrease to pollen distance. That is all the major changes, however there were a lot more cooldown/manacost/small number changes to a lot of heroes so it is worth perusing through. Next hero guide will be coming out Saturday on Slither.

~ The Lurker

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